Check below for all your questions about weddings, private events, public events, & more! If you still don't see what your curious about, feel free to contact us! 

What are the store hours ?

Hours are Monday - Friday 08:am to 6:00 PM and we even work on weekends ! ( sometimes )

What are your shipping terms ?

All items purchased before 12:00 Pm will go out that day . Usual 3 to 7 days ground shipping . Any Items purchased after 12:00 PM will go out the following day via ground shipping as well . If there is an emergency need for overnite or for a quicker delivery time please call us and we will make arraignements with you to ship as fast as possible or to your schedule . We can ship same day over night up until approx. 4 PM that day ! Note shipping rates and fees apply to all items ! All items are shipped to your door and fees will be calculated during the shipping process .

Is it possible to obtain items not on your website ?

Yes We have entered into dealings with major providers and manufacturers to allow us to purchase and resell a lot of products . Every week our website is upgraded with new products . We understand that some products are old and not used any longer but are still selling if available also ! We try each week to go through our product list and add and remove products ! We have just completed a major product upgrade and have taken on more product lines and more coming every day ! You can also call us and we will be more than glad to assist you in any way that we can ! 781 563-9733

What kind of discounts are available ?

In our market place we see a lot of Companies reselling our product lines . We try to match their pricing but we are restricted by Manufacturers in some cases for the lowest possible MSRP price . That said , We can offer discount prices on certain merchandise for our customers that we cannot publish ! Call us and let us know what you are interested in and looking to purchase and we can work with you to obtain the best price possible ! 781 563-9733

What if I buy something and it is defective ?

First and foremost Our Product lines are brand new merchandise and carry a Mfg'rs warranty and can be returned almost immediately by calling rpoctelecom but it is very rare that new merchandise must go back as defective ! We are that sure of our product lines ! However , Most products purchased are not subject to direct or overnight replacement unless a previous warranty was purchased for that particular product for direct replacement !! If you do receive a defective product , then call Us immediately ! For a defective Product , We will set up an RMA to the Manufacturer and work to get your product back ASAP as it could take a few weeks or more ! Also the purchasing of replacement units like Telephones , Mission critical systems etc. ARE recommended and purchasing a warranty for ALL products is strongly recommended in most cases today ! On extended warranty repairs , you can get a direct replacement over nite or faster in some cases ! On a standard warranty with no extended direct replacement type of warranties implied or written , The Manufacturers will take your product shipped back to their Corp Center , resolve and repair the product issues and send it back to you ! As for our return services warranties etc. : We must adhere to the Manufacturer's return policies so we may ask you to ship back to the Manufacturer direct . We offer and recommend extended warranties for ALL products that are mission critical in order to overnight ship a replacement ! Ask us about our Warranties contracts and guaranteed shipping on failures policies ! 781 563-9733

Do you ship to other countries ?

I wish we could ! As of today we are only shipping to the United States .

Do you charge tax and how is it applied ?

Until the laws are common across the country , Massachusetts Sales tax is 6.25 % and is charged on all products . We are forced by law to charge the current Mass tax ! That being said we are now bound by State nexus laws per individual states as well ! By law we must charge the State tax in which the product is purchased in . If you live or your business is in say New York then you must pay New York state tax as We charge tax for the particular state then forward the tax to that State per the nexus law !